Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations – Lighting Tips

Bathroom lighting is perhaps the least attended aspect of any house. Unlike other rooms in the house, a bathroom usually has a single ceiling or wall light that’s supposed to take care of all lighting requirements. In fact, even those who spend a lot on bathroom designs tend to overlook the need for the right bathroom lighting setup.

Decoding Light Layers

• Task Lighting

Vanity lighting must get the highest consideration as it’s supposed to toil the most for illuminating your face and head. Most people commit the common mistake by placing the light above the mirror. Such a placement would cast shadows, making routing grooming inconvenient. Vertical fixtures are ideal to ensure even lighting across the face. The secondary task lighting space is the shower area. A dedicated fixture isn’t necessary in case of a clear glass door stall. A glass lens-equipped recessed light is recommended.

• Ambient Lighting

“Fill-in” lights function as natural light substitutes. A central fixture usually supplies ambient light, typically mounted on the ceiling. Homeowners may experiment further, perhaps considering a chandelier or pendant lamp. Cove lighting is another option.

• Accent Lighting

To create another light layer within the bathroom, a recessed spotlight aimed at a decorative art piece or a powder room basin can be added. Similarly, a shower fixture could be angled for highlighting fixtures or tile work, making them sparkle.

• Right Vanity Lighting

To get rid of shadows below the eyes, cheeks and chin, the vanity mirror must have fixtures mounted on both the sides. Each fixture’s center portion must be at eye level roughly, or 65-70 inches over the floor. This would ensure even lighting for grooming across the face.

Other Considerations

• Choosing Bulbs

Generally, white light render skin tones accurately. The low-voltage varieties are quite compact, and the much smaller bulbs offer a good sparkling effect. Compared to incandescent, a halogen bulb is slightly expensive but it also lasts three times longer. Halogen bulbs typically come with screw-in bases, which makes them compatible with most fixtures. The latest fluorescent compact bulbs also provide nice color rendering and can last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

• Dimmers

Dimmers are best friends of lighting designers since they allow complete control over lighting, and therefore the room’s mood. In a limited space, dimming vanity fixtures could provide both accent and ambient lighting. In addition, dimmers are energy-savers. The overall savings are based on how much the bulb is dimmed.